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Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Ode to My beloved- The Almighty :-)

One of my poems, an Ode to God , who has been with me , and will be with me all through happy and tough times .. :-) 

You name is the treasure my heart seeks , 
you are the reason why my consciousness speaks , 
You are my love , who taught me how to love , 
Care equally for every creature , man or dove ... 

You were the light that removed my ignorance , 
You were the soul that taught me benevolence,
You are the tune that strikes my heart , 
You are the creator and manifesto of every art .. 

You are my mother , who corrects me with loving anger , 
You were my shelter , my ship's harbor , 
Oh dear ! You were my leader, friend and much more , 
And from you i learnt , life is both sweet and sour .. 

Of selfless love and peace you were the advocate ,
to shower care on every soul , unmindful of what they reciprocate ,
For us , You did walk your journey on thorns and knives , 
You were the pole star in all our lives ... 

Oh Sai ! At your lotus feet , we bow our head , 
Only with the sight of You , our hearts are fed ... 

Mythu :-)